Fiscal restraint

While it’s true no two people will ever agree 100% of the time, you can rest assured I have and will continue to go over our city’s expenditures with a sharpened pencil, and a discerning eye. There’s a difference between need and want, and while we are more or less an affluent community, capable of affording wants, there is a limit to what any government should spend taxpayer resources on. And to be clear, every city dollar is a taxpayer dollar, regardless of whether it’s a tax dollar or a fee, or even a fine. And while it is true there are legal restrictions on where and how some of these resources are spent, it is nonetheless that sharpened pencil and discerning eye that helped to get us below the No New Revenue Rate for FY 2022, and just barely above the No New Revenue Rate for FY 2023. And while we could not get there for FY 2024, there are other ways to bring Allen homeowners much needed relief. But that doesn’t mean I’ve given up on NNR, or even reducing the rate below NNR.

General Homestead Exemption

The Allen City Council, in time to be applied to FY 2024, enacted the city’s first ever general homestead exemption for all Allen homeowners. This was an initiative that I began the morning after the FY2023 budget and tax rate vote. Myself, and others on the Council worked hard to get this initiative across the finish line, and with it, many Allen homeowners saw a tax savings on their FY 2024 city taxes. My intention is push for an increase in the general homestead exemption, from the current 5% to 10%, to see that Allen homeowners continue receive much needed property tax relief.

Police and Fire

Since being elected to council, I have been an unrelenting advocate for our Police and Fire departments. The result of these efforts can be seen as you travel past the current PDHQ, and see the masonry fence built around the employee lot to keep random strangers from wandering around and accosting our off duty officers, or logging their license plates in an effort to track them down off duty and cause them harm. You can also see the result as you observe the new fire engines and trucks traveling down our streets, or by taking a tour of the central fire station and getting to see AFD’s new virtual training program.

East Side Revitalization

When I first ran in 2021, I promised to make revitalization of the east side a priority, and that priority hasn’t changed. While it has been slower than I would have preferred, our city has brought in, or attempted to bring in, new business and shopping venues to east Allen. HEB finally came to town, and new offices and businesses have opened along Prestige. Armor Brewing has had its soft opening, and the old Exxon at Main and Allen Heights is slated to be renovated and reopened as an emergency clinic. Downtown was finally given the attention it deserves, and it is my hope that a few of our older shopping strips will receive a much needed face lift in the near future.


I promised in 2021, and have continually fulfilled said promise, not to approve a single new apartment dwelling in Allen. I am proud to say I have only voted in favor of amendments to projects which have already received their density approval from Council, amendments which would not have affected the density in either directions. To top it off, I took advantage of every opportunity to down zone property lots in order to reduce the approved density rate and say no more high density apartment complexes or mixed-use developments.